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New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Before the end of 2012 and before setting goals and aspirations for 2013, I believe it is truly important to reflect on what we have achieved over the course of the year, celebrate our successes, acknowledge our losses and be grateful for everything good and bad.

This way we can make peace with the past, think back fondly on the great times and look optimistically into the future.

I have summarised some key events in my life that occurred in 2012, and will use 2012 as a benchmark year for what can be achieved. I look to 2013 with great excitement, as I hope you do too.


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Childhood Aspirations

“We sell a dream, not just a car.” Luca Di Montezemolo (President of Ferrari SpA).

I built and sustained a burning desire to own a Ferrari since I was 10 all the way up until today, and I would like to dissect how.

Why from such a young age did I desire to own a Ferrari? People always lust after objects and as they age their desires are still there but the objects are different. For some reason the passion for Ferrari manifested itself into a burning desire for me to be successful in life to bring with it the ability to afford and maintain a Ferrari of my own.


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There will always be another Ferrari

In life windows of opportunity open and close. A door opens, another shuts.

But there will always be another opportunity if not now, then in the future.

Human beings are highly emotional creatures and we are constantly bombarded with opportunities and distraction to part with our money, our focus, our values, and our dreams.

Using hindsight, how many times have you missed out on a killer deal, a once in a lifetime opportunity? Examples include not asking that guy/girl out when they were single, forgetting that eBay auction for an item you really wanted, losing an auction for a property you had your heart set on- only to have time and new circumstance overshadow the perceived loss at the time?