Recently I was asked to share my thoughts on the topic ‘How to run your business like a Ferrari’, at the Annual 2013 Vision Personal Training conference alongside a colleague of mine. 2012 was a great year and Id like to share some points on what made it so.

What kind of lifestyle do you want, and can systems help you?

Establishing your ideal lifestyle is a good idea before burying yourself in work. Without a clear purpose as to the lifestyle you are working toward, you will soon find it hard to get up out of bed!

I started as a Personal Trainer at Vision Personal Training with one of the main aims to own my own Franchise.

Why? I did not want to be a Personal Trainer, training clients for 30-40 hours per week in the park at 40 years of age. I’d not get the holidays I’d like to have as I would be leaving clients behind, the weather would be a constant challenge and being 19 I had very little idea about marketing, how would I attract my clients and more importantly retain them?