Monthly Archives: April 2013

10 Life lessons I learned racing cars

I have always had a passion for cars and competition. In 2011 I fulfilled a dream of building and racing a car in the 2011 CAMS Super Sprint Championships.

I placed 3rd in my first ever season of racing missing out on 2nd by the smallest of margins. I currently hold the track records for the Type 2B class at both Wakefield and Eastern Creek – now known as Sydney International Motorsport Park. The lap times I achieved are 1.07.26 at Wakefield, and a 1.46.63 at Eastern Creek GP Circuit, quicker than many super cars all in a street registered purpose built Honda S2000. From an absolute amateur to a double record holder in under 10 months!  I used competition with rivals as a motivator and invested heavily in driver training and track time. All the disciplines I learnt from business and body building helped me in achieving great results on the race track too! (more…)

Implementing a 4 hour work week

Following up from my post on Living a 4 hour work week, as promised here are the first steps I took to gain the momentum of streamlined time, with the goal of subtracting ‘work’, and adding life.

Before we begin, let me add that if you are currently working and counting the minutes till home time, or surfing the net all day trying to look busy then implementing a 4 hour work week probably won’t make you any happier.

I reached a 4 hour work week level and wanted to give it back. The goal is not to be sitting idle. It is to reduce what is not important, easily outsourced or a total waste of time and adding what makes you shine, spending more time on your strengths in and around your working life. If work to you is anything but fun and challenging (most of the time) then your probably going to hate it, even if you only do 4 hours of it a week!