This article is written to help others achieve success by understanding how people out earn you, have better relationships and generally be happier, and it’s all about adding value.

If you want to make more money; add more value. If you want to have better relationships; add more value. If you want to be happier; value what you already have.

Imagine for a second you bought a used car in good condition with no previous accident damage for a fair price (a likely scenario), you could be in a position to add value to the vehicle or maintain the value of it by protecting your investment.

If you were to service it properly, make sure it has: registration, good tyres, give it a detail and generally build up a good story for the car so it presents well, doing so will increase the opportunity to be able to sell it for more than you bought it for.

Recently I was offered $5000 more than I paid for my Ferrari despite it being another year older and with an additional 4000 kilometres on the dash, all because of added value and purchasing skill. So when people say you lose money on cars, it’s probably because most people do just that.

Understanding this concept is so cool because it will allow you to achieve so much more. I achieved a childhood dream buying my Ferrari (a goal I had for 10 years) and I could drive it for a year, wash it, enjoy it, share it and if I sold it, I’d get all my money back plus five grand on top for the hassle! (more…)