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Creating a rock week

A rock week is your ideal week scheduled into a 7 day diary. It should include all the things that make you happy, keep you fit, nurture relationships, improve your lifestyle, enhance career satisfaction and prospects.


There is an old saying: “What gets scheduled gets done.”


Putting together a rock week is a commitment to yourself and to others of time allocated to particular tasks and duties that will enhance your life in both the short and long term.


3 ways to avoid falling into the trap of comparing yourself to others

We all do it and we all have done it, comparing ourselves to others that is. Isn’t it funny how we always seem to compare ourselves with those who we perceive as having or achieving more, whether it be talent, status, money, power or material items. A sure fire way to be unhappy is to compare yourselves with others. It is a false benchmark of your own success and development.

The goal of beating your personal best should be your focus and desire. Realising your potential is your journey and responsibility.

If you fall into the habit of continually comparing yourself to others, you will ensure that you are perpetually unhappy and unsatisfied, no matter how much you achieve.

Here are 3 ways to avoid falling into the trap of comparing yourself to others: