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One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.

–Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was not only a master at martial arts and an actor, he was a philosopher and a believer in constant never ending personal development and self discovery.

He followed a non rigorous structure in his life and his martial arts going against the grain of traditionalist martial arts styles and threw away the rule book. He chose to be like water to be in a constant state of flow, as water is able to adapt and form into its surroundings. This philosophy allowed him the freedom to be flexible and adaptable to any situation.



Daily Gratitude

At a recent breakfast I attended with Tim Ferriss author of The 4 Hour Work Week, he spoke of his morning ritual, one of the key rituals he does every day is write down 3 things he is grateful for each morning. This gave me a kick up the bum as it used to be one of my morning rituals too.

Documenting my daily gratitude was introduced to me by my first mentor and it was something I had done every morning for 4 straight years. Then I kind of forgot about them. It’s not that I was un grateful, but I was missing out on taking the time out to reflect and express gratitude daily. From listening to Tim it reminded me of the importance of taking a small amount of time each day to record what it is I have to be grateful for each day.

For example today I was grateful for:

My two children who slept the whole night unbroken (parents will understand this simple joy)
My morning coffee (it was sensational)
The delayed onset muscular soreness from “Leg Day” indicative of a great workout the day before

These simple gratitudes set me up for a positive day, by focussing on what I should be thankful for, before the day, environment and influences get me thinking about what I don’t have in my life.


Should you meet your heroes? The Ferrari F355

Since I was 10 I always wanted a red Ferrari. And at the age of 17 with increased clarity the goal was to one day own an F355 6 speed manual.

The design of the F355 is automotive art to me, and has a timeless shape. To this day the F355 is also one of the best sounding cars on the planet with an F1 sounding howl unlike any other.

The F355 was the first Ferrari I had ever been driven in at the age of 16 and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Since that first drive the F355 was just a dream that one day I too would own one.


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