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How to be a gun Personal Trainer

Approximately 6 years ago I was invited to be on a PT Panel for the annual Vision Personal Training trainer summit. I was asked to answer 5 questions in relation to my personal training career so far and how to be a gun personal trainer. The other panel members were a franchise owner and a studio manager offering an insight into their learnings and respective journeys. It was and remains a career highlight for me as a personal trainer before venturing out to start my own franchise.

I found my responses going through my old journals and thought seeing as some of my readership are perhaps personal trainers themselves that it may be of some value to those looking to be successful, long term as a personal trainer. The responses are unedited and as they were at the age of 22 with 3 years of personal training experience behind me.

What was my greatest challenge in my first year as a personal trainer?

My greatest challenge as a personal trainer in my first year, was adapting to different clients and differing standards that people set or place upon themselves. Being able to realise that not all people love exercise, or eating healthily and not everyone is aiming to get outstanding results for themselves. Whilst still taking the time to understand their needs, and get them to where they want to go, and not where I would like them to go.


How to manage fear and worry

“The fears we don’t face become our limits” – Robin Sharma¬†

Fear is a powerful motivator and it can be a powerful detractor. Learning how to manage fear and worry is paramount to developing a champion’s mindset.

In this post I would like to share with you, 3 practical ways you can help manage fear and worry in your life.

Write down your fears, worry and problems

By writing down your fears and worries you will have an awareness of the massive amount of brain space these worries and fears are taking up each day. With more awareness you will be able to make better choices to alleviate the worry and fear that can consume your focus and energy. Bruce Lee would write down his problems on a piece of paper, scrunch it up and burn it!