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Keep your clients interested

How do you keep your clients interested? Here are two sure-fire ways to ensure you are interesting and providing a great customer experience to your clients.

Consistent Service



Are you scale-able? What does this mean exactly? Being able to scale means you can continue to grow and meet clients changing needs all while keeping the client motivated, inspired and subsequently engaged in your service.

Have you noticed that your clients will never ask you “what’s old?” That’s because they are not interested in what’s old! Your job as a coach and a leader is to keep coming up with interesting and exciting answers to the question “what’s new?”

Understanding this important lesson on keeping your clients interested will mean being disciplined in many facets, with personal development being one of the most important aspects of having a successful coaching career. You can only take someone as high as you are. In coaching and personal training your ability to take clients on a journey is dependant on you walking the talk. I never had a client compete a half marathon until I had done one myself.

One of my high profile clients gauges a lot of his staff and the time he spends with them, on their ability to teach him something. He is constantly asking the question what can I learn from this person? We have all had those relationships where it feels like a one-way street of information and knowledge sharing, whilst getting minimal in return. How good do you feel about those people and how much time, do you want to commit to a non-reciprocal relationship of little benefit to you?

This is compounded when you have a paying client expecting to get a result, through the education, […]

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Finding motivation at work

I was inspired to write this post both after reading Clayton Christensen’s book “How will you measure your life?” and after much reflection on my journey so far.

Recently my brother finished his high school education, and is now ready to face the opportunities and prospects that the world offers. I remember being in the same position 10 years ago very well.

Not long after leaving school, I made the decision to leave a career opportunity with an accounting firm and follow my passion into health and fitness. It proved to be one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life. I hope for the sake of my brother and for yourself that you will find or are presently doing what you are truly passionate about. Something that will get you up out of bed each morning with a smile on your face and the gratitude of being lucky enough to do what you do each day.

Christensen’s book discusses a strategy to do just that, which I had unknowingly implemented myself 9 years ago.

What makes us tick? People can get caught up in unhappy careers, and ultimately unhappy lives by a general misunderstanding of what truly motivates us.
Frederick Herzberg published a breakthrough article on the topic of motivation theory. His theory distinguishes between two different factors in finding motivation at work: hygiene factors and motivation factors.
Hygiene factors: are things like status, compensation, supervisory practices, job security, work conditions, company policies, and working relationships.

It is interesting that Herzberg lists compensation as a hygiene factor and not a motivation factor. He also states that if you immediately improve all the hygiene factors of your job, you won’t suddenly love it, you just won’t hate it anymore.  “The […]