Early on in my teens I decided to make sure that long term my personal finances would not be a deciding factor on whether or not I enjoy my life.

One of my clients used to say those who say ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ have never really experienced not having any! Whilst having money alone is not the key to happiness, it does buy you a level of comfort, provides choice, freedom and when used wisely and amassed ethically can indeed increase your levels of happiness through experiences, opportunities, reduced stress and liabilities.

Over time I have collected advice and pointers from financially successful people, and from financially independent people who live with little worry and stress. I have also taken note from financial disasters and make conscious decisions to avoid the same fate.

I committed myself to studying those who had the success I yearned for, and implemented the same principles and disciplines. Of course I have faulted along the way or done things my way despite advice from others, like buying a Ferrari at 26… Im not a total bean counter and have had a lot of fun along my journey to financial freedom which I’m well on the way to achieving. I hope this post will help you in your journey towards your own financial goals, and ultimately financial freedom.

Here are my 11 top tips for working towards financial freedom

Have short and long term financial goals. Once you have your goals written down, attach strong emotional reasons for reaching those goals. Combine the goals with faith in your ability to achieve said goals. Goal setting is important for a success-orientated person. Without them you are just playing around. Short term goals allow for smaller […]