Eckhart Tolle’s book the power of now is a powerful study of mind, ego and Being. Ultimately its a guide to help you reach that mythical place of enlightenment, of inner freedom from external conditions, a state of true inner peace.

The book is quite spiritual (for me anyway). For it to be fully comprehended you need to train your mind not to overly think about the concepts Tolle is writing about. I discovered in The Power of Now, that enlightenment is all about rising above thought.
Would this book give value to you? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out:

Do you have a fear of what others might think if you fail or who it will affect?
Are you enjoying this day, a gift given to you that is denied to many?
Do you glorify the past, focus on the future and neglect the present?
Are you constantly projecting yourself into the future seeking some sort of release or fulfilment there?
Do you derive your sense of self from the content and activity of your mind?

If you answered yes to any of these I highly recommend the book: The Power Of Now, it has shed light on areas of work-on for myself, and I can see in leading others how it could impact on them too.