With Summer here now, and the warmer months ahead, here is an inspiring story of a friend and client of mine Tony, who over the last few months has totally transformed his body and achieved amazing results.

– No drugs, no photo-shop, no tan, no lighting tricks, no starvation diets, no extreme cardio commitment, this is Tony’s body transformation.

Tony’s results

*Pictures taken post weights workout for both the before and after

Before measurements and pictures taken 2nd of June 2014  – After measurements and pictures taken 7th of Oct 2014

Weight: 73.8 kilograms


Chest: 94cm
Waist: 86cm
Hips: 104cm

Body fat 20.6%


Weight: 65.1 kilograms


Chest: 95cm
Waist: 72cm
Hips: 94cm

Body fat 9%

Body Transformation = -9.25 kilograms of fat lost, and an increase of 0.55 kilograms lean mass in just 16 weeks

Here is a short clip about Tony’s body transformation at Vision Personal Training Clarence St