Recently I had my 30th birthday, turning 30 was once something I was worried about. I worried as I had so much I wanted to get done before age crept in and was always conscious of getting the most out of life. As I got older I added more and more things into my life, which meant I had less and less time for working out.

During my teens and early twenties I was obsessed with training and building muscle. In my early twenties, with a marriage, kids, and a business to run my ability to stay as focused and as committed to training started to waver.

When I was younger I used to brush off the excuses my older clientele would feed me as to why they couldn’t commit to their health and fitness due to their ‘responsibilities’. I swore I’d never let those excuses affect me. Sure enough as more and more responsibilities I had laid on myself the more the excuses started to surface.

Thankfully, I value my health too much to have let slide for too long. After a brief stint of being unhappy in my own skin and having to upgrade to a 34 size pant up from a loose 32, I decided to put together a plan that would get me back into my former 20 year old body without killing myself in the gym with unrealistic training and eating routines. A plan that would see me stay fit for life.