5 reasons to practice: Delayed Gratification

As a personal trainer for the last 8 years and business owner for 5 years, I have dealt with and lead many people from all walks of life.

Over this time of working with people very closely, coaching both clients and trainers towards their goals and aspirations I have noticed a key differentiator from those who achieve a little versus those who achieve their dreams.

In order to reach their goals a lot of it has to do with their ability to delay gratification now for an immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.


Adding Value

This article is written to help others achieve success by understanding how people out earn you, have better relationships and generally be happier, and it’s all about adding value.

If you want to make more money; add more value. If you want to have better relationships; add more value. If you want to be happier; value what you already have.

Imagine for a second you bought a used car in good condition with no previous accident damage for a fair price (a likely scenario), you could be in a position to add value to the vehicle or maintain the value of it by protecting your investment.

If you were to service it properly, make sure it has: registration, good tyres, give it a detail and generally build up a good story for the car so it presents well, doing so will increase the opportunity to be able to sell it for more than you bought it for.

Recently I was offered $5000 more than I paid for my Ferrari despite it being another year older and with an additional 4000 kilometres on the dash, all because of added value and purchasing skill. So when people say you lose money on cars, it’s probably because most people do just that.

Understanding this concept is so cool because it will allow you to achieve so much more. I achieved a childhood dream buying my Ferrari (a goal I had for 10 years) and I could drive it for a year, wash it, enjoy it, share it and if I sold it, I’d get all my money back plus five grand on top for the hassle! (more…)

10 Life lessons I learned racing cars

I have always had a passion for cars and competition. In 2011 I fulfilled a dream of building and racing a car in the 2011 CAMS Super Sprint Championships.

I placed 3rd in my first ever season of racing missing out on 2nd by the smallest of margins. I currently hold the track records for the Type 2B class at both Wakefield and Eastern Creek – now known as Sydney International Motorsport Park. The lap times I achieved are 1.07.26 at Wakefield, and a 1.46.63 at Eastern Creek GP Circuit, quicker than many super cars all in a street registered purpose built Honda S2000. From an absolute amateur to a double record holder in under 10 months!  I used competition with rivals as a motivator and invested heavily in driver training and track time. All the disciplines I learnt from business and body building helped me in achieving great results on the race track too! (more…)

Implementing a 4 hour work week

Following up from my post on Living a 4 hour work week, as promised here are the first steps I took to gain the momentum of streamlined time, with the goal of subtracting ‘work’, and adding life.

Before we begin, let me add that if you are currently working and counting the minutes till home time, or surfing the net all day trying to look busy then implementing a 4 hour work week probably won’t make you any happier.

I reached a 4 hour work week level and wanted to give it back. The goal is not to be sitting idle. It is to reduce what is not important, easily outsourced or a total waste of time and adding what makes you shine, spending more time on your strengths in and around your working life. If work to you is anything but fun and challenging (most of the time) then your probably going to hate it, even if you only do 4 hours of it a week!


Living a 4 Hour Work Week

It all started days following the birth of our first child I found myself passing the time in hospital reading the 4 hour work week, it was a riveting read and came to me at the right time. I was in awe of the new bundle of joy we had just been blessed with and the idea of automating my working life and maximising my time was at an all time high in order to spend as much time as possible with my young family.

My wife was recovering from a tough labour and I had arranged for a masseuse to visit her and provide a 1 hour massage. The lady came in and opened up her massage table and began to set up. She noticed the book I was reading and commented “4 hour work week, wish I could have one of those!” At that moment it dawned on me that here was a lady that was in her 40’s and her sole way of making a living is by carrying around a table and physically handling people for 60 minutes at a time. Who sold her on that plan?


Opportunity Cost

This post is one that I am really passionate about and something I have used as a guide for my life. It is the understanding of the opportunity cost associated with decisions.

Opportunity cost is a key concept in economics and is not limited to just monetary and financial costs. It encompasses all scarce resources such as time, output, essentially what you will forego. It can be applied to help generate an individual’s price for an opportunity as opposed to the second choice or several other mutually exclusive choices. (more…)

How to run your business like a Ferrari

Recently I was asked to share my thoughts on the topic ‘How to run your business like a Ferrari’, at the Annual 2013 Vision Personal Training conference alongside a colleague of mine. 2012 was a great year and Id like to share some points on what made it so.

What kind of lifestyle do you want, and can systems help you?

Establishing your ideal lifestyle is a good idea before burying yourself in work. Without a clear purpose as to the lifestyle you are working toward, you will soon find it hard to get up out of bed!

I started as a Personal Trainer at Vision Personal Training with one of the main aims to own my own Franchise.

Why? I did not want to be a Personal Trainer, training clients for 30-40 hours per week in the park at 40 years of age. I’d not get the holidays I’d like to have as I would be leaving clients behind, the weather would be a constant challenge and being 19 I had very little idea about marketing, how would I attract my clients and more importantly retain them?


Sharing is Caring

I’m inspired to write this blog post from recent happenings that have combined to make me realise the value, significance, and opportunities of sharing in our lives.

Sharing is the joint use of a resource or space. There are many obvious everyday examples of this, and it occurs in nature too – the air you breath (oxygen) is distributed through the body to supply all the organs and meet their requirements.

Jessie Poquérusse, writer of The Neuroscience of Sharing states: Sharing is a basic component of human interaction, and is responsible for strengthening social ties and ensuring a person’s well-being.


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New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Before the end of 2012 and before setting goals and aspirations for 2013, I believe it is truly important to reflect on what we have achieved over the course of the year, celebrate our successes, acknowledge our losses and be grateful for everything good and bad.

This way we can make peace with the past, think back fondly on the great times and look optimistically into the future.

I have summarised some key events in my life that occurred in 2012, and will use 2012 as a benchmark year for what can be achieved. I look to 2013 with great excitement, as I hope you do too.


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Childhood Aspirations

“We sell a dream, not just a car.” Luca Di Montezemolo (President of Ferrari SpA).

I built and sustained a burning desire to own a Ferrari since I was 10 all the way up until today, and I would like to dissect how.

Why from such a young age did I desire to own a Ferrari? People always lust after objects and as they age their desires are still there but the objects are different. For some reason the passion for Ferrari manifested itself into a burning desire for me to be successful in life to bring with it the ability to afford and maintain a Ferrari of my own.


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