There will always be another Ferrari

In life windows of opportunity open and close. A door opens, another shuts.

But there will always be another opportunity if not now, then in the future.

Human beings are highly emotional creatures and we are constantly bombarded with opportunities and distraction to part with our money, our focus, our values, and our dreams.

Using hindsight, how many times have you missed out on a killer deal, a once in a lifetime opportunity? Examples include not asking that guy/girl out when they were single, forgetting that eBay auction for an item you really wanted, losing an auction for a property you had your heart set on- only to have time and new circumstance overshadow the perceived loss at the time?


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Partnership

I’m writing this article as someone who has been married for 5 years, been involved in a start up business partnership with multiple partners, a franchised business for 6 years, and having had the same best friend since I was 6.

All of the above are a form of partnership, and they all have added to my experience of partnerships and what makes them successful or not.

I get frustrated when people tell me partnerships do not work, because like marriages there are many that don’t and many that do.

One of the most stressful and frustrating lessons I have learnt is that of the business partnership. So I will cover my experience here.

Scott Farquhar Co CEO and Founder of Atlassian gave me the advice that partnerships are high BETA, either they work exceptionally well or they don’t work at all. Scott and his Partner Mike Cannon-Brookes are of the former growing to over 23000 customers and 100 million in revenue last year, have enjoyed year on year growth since Atlassian was formed and are on the BRW young rich list.


Run your own race


“Keeping up with the Joneses” is an idiom in many parts of the English-speaking world referring to the comparison to one’s neighbour as a benchmark for social caste or the accumulation of material goods. To fail to “keep up with the Joneses” is perceived as demonstrating socio-economic or cultural inferiority. (Taken from Wikipedia.)

It is in this definition and recent experiences I have found my inspiration for this blog post.

There will always be someone out there who is richer, smarter, healthier and better looking. So why do we find ourselves comparing ourselves with others often to the detriment of our own happiness?

I’m often asked how long it took me to do this, or to do that. I have friends who think that because I’m married or have a business before they do that they are falling behind.

Who sold you on that idea?


The Fatal Assumption

I’m inspired to write this article after a long discussion with a colleague of mine David Wescon, who owns and manages a very successful Vision Personal Training Studio in Brighton, VIC.

We operate at very similar levels in our business lives and were chatting about our perspective on business as experienced operators opposed to people just getting started in business or preparing to do so.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it can be used for future advantage. Talking with David reinforced to me that we now have a different perspective on business and that clarity can make all the difference. When I first got into business I was nowhere near as prepared for battle as I am now. With lessons learnt and time spent developing I became more adept at business and my results improved.

Whilst I do not think it is possible to prepare fully for what going into business will be like, you can certainly train very well, and be as prepared as possible to succeed.

Here are some questions I have for you aspiring business owners and current business owners:

Do you know your numbers?
Do you have the appropriate structure?
Who is on your team? – Accountants, legal, coach, staff etc
What is your purpose of getting into business?
What kind of lifestyle do you wish to have?
How long before you make a return on investment?
Is business the appropriate vehicle to achieve your goals?
Am I well equipped, emotionally, intellectually and financially for the journey?


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The power of accountability

Yesterday I met an old acquaintance I had went to school with during senior year. This person I had not seen in about 8 years. She works as a hairdresser and by the off chance I booked in a haircut for my son with her.

After the initial hellos, the first thing I was asked was do I still love Ferrari? My answer was simple: yes, and I have one!

This question amazed me, it made me think about all of the accountability I had subconsciously built into my life. I had engineered public accountability to ensure there was massive pain in me not achieving my dreams. (more…)

The grass is greener where you water it

My next door neighbour has impeccably kept lawns, the kind of grass you’d want to step on barefoot; it would be soft, thick and bindy free to your soles. Mine, well it’s not so. Why?

Well it is because I fail to water it as regularly as he does; as the saying goes the grass is greener where you water it! My excuse is that he is retired and I have better things to do. We also have a gardener who obviously isn’t doing his job very well in comparison.

Admittedly the real reason for my front lawn not to be in the best shape is from a lack of focus.


20 things I wish I knew when I was 20


At the time of writing, I’m 27 years of age. The amount of learning I have dedicated myself to, or have been exposed  to made me think of all the learnings I wish I had known earlier, I narrowed it down to 20 things I wish I knew when I was 20.

You always hear of older people saying if I only knew what I know now, things would be different! Life is a constant learning process, the more I learn the more I realise how little I know.

This spurs me on to dedicate my life to continued education and experiences with an open mind knowing full well that I will be bound to pick up more gems along the way.

I thought I’d post up 20 things I wish I knew when I was 20, but now I know them they are apart of my life and my understanding of it. I will blog about individual items in more detail as I progress. (more…)

Its the journey not just the destination…

For most of my life I have set goals for myself to achieve, some have been short term, and others for the long term.

From my personal experience and from watching the success of others I have found that you will be as happy as you will make your mind up to be.

Take weight loss for example, alot of clients I have met or worked with love themselves conditionally. I will be happy when I lose these 10 kilos. I will love my body when I can run without pain.

Or financially: if I earned more I’d be happier, I’d try harder if I was paid enough.

Have you ever had the same or similar thoughts? (more…)