Hi there! I’m Elliott Caras a young business owner, Husband and Father. I’m the eldest of 4 children and was born on the 13th of August 1985. I own a successful Vision Personal Training Franchise in the heart of the Sydney CBD and have a background of 10 years as  Personal Trainer and 7 years as a business owner.


I have a passion for business,  personal development and leadership. I love meeting inspiring people and spending time with my family.


This blog will contain observations and  powerful strategies for personal success, high performance and happiness.


Experiences and acheivements

Personal Trainer

Choosing to become a Personal Trainer was by far one of the best decisions of my life and has allowed me to excel in an area I’m passionate about, as well as allowed me to have the freedom to pursue other desires and aspirations.

The average lifespan of a PT is 6 months, I have reached 10 years and feel blessed to have been given the right framework with Vision Personal Training to succeed in the industry and to have met so many great people on my journey.

I have had the opportunity to mentor franchise owners and train them. I have completed over 10000 hours of paid PT sessions in my career so far.

My expertise lies in goal setting, coaching, nutrition and hypertrophy training.

I have personally trained some awesome people (some not so awesome but hey!) and I continue to train a few select clients each week and enjoy every minute of it. Some of the best experiences have been had helping clients to complete events or achieve weight loss they had never thought possible.

In return, I have retained clients as friends and have received a lot of support from them throughout my career.

Business Owner

I have been a business owner since the age of 23 and it was a steep learning curve for me. I always wanted to be in business to create a wall of financial freedom for me and my family. I relish the challenges of business, and embark on relentless self development to be the best leader I can be.

To be a successful business owner is one of my main passions in life. It has been one of the greatest challenges for me personally to get to where I am today. I really do enjoy the aspects of business ownership both good and bad.

My Vision studio cranks out more than 400 one on one Personal Training sessions each week and is one of the top performing studios in the Vision network.  I have recruited and mentored an amazing team that I love to coach and develop into business owners and successful PT’s themselves. Our clients are like family and we have a great atmosphere at the studio.


I have been an avid weight lifter since the age of 15. One if the first books I read was Arnold: The education of a bodybuilder. It truly inspired me to pump iron and develop myself.

Weight training has been a huge contributor to my success as an individual as it taught me discipline, delayed gratification and aided massively to my self esteem and confidence as a teenager.

As a skinny teen, I was focused on building size to my frame and by doing it naturally I have been dedicated to 12 years of hypertrophy training and good eating to increase from 60 kilos to 86 kilos. I have taken my body to extreme levels and reached 3% body fat on two occasions.

Body building competitions are a way for me to test my mental toughness by following an ultra strict eating plan with no compromises. I have competed 4 times and always placed. My most memorable results were 2nd place in the Junior Mr NSW Titles as well as another 2nd place at 18 years of age in the Teenager Category for Mr Sydney Championships – my first ever comp!

I have since mentored over 20 PT’s and clients to compete in their own competitions and have had a client win a National Division which was a career highlight for me.

Race Car Driver

I have always had a passion for cars and competition. In 2011 I fulfilled a dream of building and racing a car in the 2011 Super Sprint Championships.

I placed 3rd in my first ever season of racing missing out on 2nd by the smallest of margins. I currently hold the track records for the under 2 litre class at both Wakefield and Eastern Creek – now known as Sydney International Motorsport Park. The lap times I achieved are 1.07.1 at Wakefield, and a 1.46.6 at Eastern Creek, quicker than most super cars driven by professionals all in a street registered purpose built Honda S2000. From an amateur to a double record holder in under 10 months. I used competition with rivals as a motivator and invested heavily in driver training and track time. All the disciplines I learnt from business and body building helped me in achieving great results on the race track too!

In the future I have a strong desire to compete again, but for the moment I have taken a hiatus for more time with my young family.

Ferrari Owner

When I was 9 years old for my birthday, with some birthday money I purchased a die cast model that required some assembly. It was a Ferrari 348 TB 1989 model in 1/24 scale. I said to my mum after I had built it, that I hope they still make these cars when I am old enough to buy one.

At that stage I had no real concept of money and the cost of things, my only real worry was would they still be making these awesome looking cars when I was old enough to drive!

This is the earliest point in my life where I made the conscious decision to one day own a Ferrari, every other experience with the brand, each sighting, every model and poster, every time I heard the roar of a passing Ferrari only burned into me the desire to keep that promise to myself and one day own a Ferrari of my own.

In July 2012, I fulfilled a 17 year goal and purchased my very own Ferrari at the age of 26 – without any finance, and have been enjoying every moment behind the wheel. It is a very important step as it shows to me that with focus, definite purpose and unwavering will anything is possible. Enzo Ferrari is quoted to have said, “we do not sell cars, we sell a dream.” I agree with this statement.


6 years ago I met the love of my life and have been happily married since 2009. I have always believed that behind every successful man is a great woman and this has been true with myself and Suzan. My wife has been a pillar of support and has been with me through everything and supported all my crazy adventures and desires. Suzan knows when to pull me back into line and when to let me go get em! Her planning and attention to detail helps keep me focused and on track. Her support and trust in me has been fantastic and allowed me to really perform as a person. As a couple we have so much in common and its great to be able to just be myself with her.


On September 17th 2011, our first child Alexander was born into the world. I have not been the same since. He is just amazing to be around, and I cherish every moment with him.

His birth gave me clarity I had never had before, my work life balance has improved out of sight, my earnings and my happiness have all increased due to his arrival. I now focus on being highly effective with my time to achieve great success with business all while having as much time as possible with my family.

My wife and I have been blessed with a second child a girl we named Sophia on Valentines Day in 2013.

They say the hardest leadership challenge is that of a parent. I look forward to guiding my children and hope that they will be wonderful people, always happy and healthy. I will support them in their dreams and will ensure my children know me very well and that I will be a great example for them as a person and a father.