With Summer here now, and the warmer months ahead, here is an inspiring story of a friend and client of mine Tony, who over the last few months has totally transformed his body and achieved amazing results.

– No drugs, no photo-shop, no tan, no lighting tricks, no starvation diets, no extreme cardio commitment, this is Tony’s body transformation.

Tony’s results

*Pictures taken post weights workout for both the before and after


IMG_5043Before measurements and pictures taken 2nd of June 2014  – After measurements and pictures taken 7th of Oct 2014


Weight: 73.8 kilograms


  • Chest: 94cm
  • Waist: 86cm
  • Hips: 104cm

Body fat 20.6%


Weight: 65.1 kilograms


  • Chest: 95cm
  • Waist: 72cm
  • Hips: 94cm

Body fat 9%

Body Transformation = -9.25 kilograms of fat lost, and an increase of 0.55 kilograms lean mass in just 16 weeks

Here is a short clip about Tony’s body transformation at Vision Personal Training Clarence St

To fully grasp the magnitude of Tony’s transformation one must look at all the factors at play:

The negatives

  • Time poor, working 6 days a week, up at 2:30am and home at 7pm most nights Tony takes being time poor to a whole new level; if anyone doesn’t have time to exercise and eat right it’s Tony.
  • No training experience – prior to starting Tony had never set foot in a gym or experienced weight training – ever
  • Minimal knowledge on how to exercise, and eat to lose weight
  • Italian background – loves pasta, sweets and anything high in carbs and fat

The positives

  • Wife Leanne, started training prior to Tony, Leanne prepares breakfast and Dinner for Tony. Having Leanne on board was critical to his success. Leanne herself has achieved amazing results at Vision Personal Training Clarence St and their circle of influence has changed.
  • Tony works with fresh produce and groceries. Once the knowledge base was built access to good food was plentiful.
  • Having never crash dieted or experimented in harmful ways to lose weight, Tony’s metabolic health was not in too bad a shape.
  • Tony’s daily movements are higher than the average person due to the nature of his work. Equipped with fit-bit tracker we ascertained his daily average steps totalled 18000 per day over a 7 day average!

How did he do it?

Just 1 x30 minute weight session per week! Scheduled at 6:30am every Monday after Tony had finished at the fruit market, and before travelling to his family owned fruit shop.

Importantly Tony had frequent telephone and message contact throughout the week with me, we spoke about food choices, mindset, eating philosophy, suggestions and of course our shared passion of Formula One and Ferrari’s!

Tony tracked and entered daily his macronutrients, staying within the ratios prescribed of carbs proteins and fats most of the time. Tony started diligently tracking his food intake for 40 of the 120 days that the transformation took place. I had access to his diary via the app and could closely monitor his intake and habits, providing feedback along the way and where necessary. Once he had started the process of tracking his macros the results improved out of sight!

Prior to tracking his food Tony made eating choices that were better than before but he did not specifically follow a food plan or a too restrictive calorie intake. Instead we focused on small, lifestyle changes whilst Tony’s metabolic fire started to increase through intense and structured weight training, that progressed in advancement every 4 weeks. Once Tony had started looking and feeling better, we increased the accountability and tracking of food and he was receptive to this. Tony now has a proper education on how to eat with flexibility, whilst working with his lifestyle and building on his results.

The main difference that set Tony up for his body transformation, was the complete and holistic approach,  emotions, education, eating and exercise. Tony was definitely not the most motivated individual to commence a program and was skeptical of any results he may achieve, however the accountability outside the session, science based eating and proven training methods along with our great rapport allowed for a weekly experience that set Tony up for success.

I don’t believe in unsustainable practices and short term fixes for weight loss. I have been victim of strict crash dieting and severe caloric restriction for bodybuilding competitions. Experiencing first hand what it feels like to have all your hard work un done after a week of binge eating and the associated metabolic and mental ramifications of such restriction and inevitable rebound.

Tony’s results did not rely on one single supplement throughout the 4 month transformation, no shakes, meal replacements, vitamins or diuretics. His eating and caloric allowance actually increased as his results improved. That’s right he went up in caloric budget as the weight dropped and his composition improved!

Once Tony began to enjoy his training and the positive benefits it offered, his biggest fear was obtaining a result that he wouldn’t be able to maintain. Keeping this in mind and not wanting to see the typical yo-yo rebound of many people that lose weight and end up finding it again, we worked together to develop training, eating and lifestyle plans to suit Tony and his particular circumstances. Tony no longer has this fear, and is excited at the opportunity to continue to improve and reap the benefits of his new and improved lifestyle.

Tony’s only complaint about his body transformation was the expense of a brand new wardrobe!

Since writing this, Tony has gone on to improve even further. He is now performing 2 weight training personal training sessions per week (one on his day off) and is now a ridiculous 7% body fat, and he is adding muscle to his frame which increases his ability to maintain his incredible results.


body transformation


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